Hanging By A Thread

I’m hanging by a thread
The rope is breaking
The time is ticking
My fingertips are slipping
And the pain I’m in, its running through my veins
You don’t listen to a word I say and
The walls are closing in
It’s tough to keep my feet on the floor
My heart is reaching and
I can’t stand it.
My thoughts are being swirled around in the washing machine,
Like a whirl pool I can’t fight
What’s left of my heart is all I have to stay strong
Each minute the pain is growing stronger and stronger
The rain and thunderstorms are like the things I’m fighting through, just to make myself last
My eyelids are shutting and
My barin’s become dizzy
The colors they swirl around in my heart
Then I’m lying there and I’m breaking away
Crumbling like a chocolate chip cookies, that
Was dunked into milk too long.
I’m slipping away at the seams and
I’ve become something I’m not


Become Blind Of My Face

Some try to write me.

Others try to play me.

Some just can’t see me enough to notice I’m even there before they sit on me.

My brain doesn’t listen to me.

It only speaks to me.

Tells me things I don’t wanna hear.

Everyday is a long day.

It all leads to pain.

Nothing but pain and misery.

Misery and pain.

The two words , they are twin together like the tix candy.

Then the night I will say a means.

Find my peace and harmony.

That’s the only place I need to be me.

Resting with you baby is what I want.

None of it is insane.