Your eyes I don’t the color
I can’t read you mind and 
I don’t know your every move 
Don’t need to know any of that to know that I’ve got a crush on you 
Really try not to think about ya 
How can I not when day dreaming is my specialty?
I’ve open up my book of words 
Now will I play my cards 
Or will I get tongue tie 
I’ll just end up hiding behind hands 
Whenever my face goes red 
Soon to match my hair 
I might just lose my mind 
I think I really like you

By theothersideofher13

Sleep fills my mind 
London come tumbling down 
Laying down in the backseat
This is not what I’m used to 
Voices leave my mind
The pavement is my friend 
This is now my home 
The city never sleeps 
And that makes two 
But I keep moving alone 
I keep picking up the pieces 
But there’s always something on mind 
Its you 
It may be cold but the thought of you 
Keeps me warm

By theothersideofher13